Serving Big Spring area for 9 years
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Serving Big Spring area for 9 years

Premier Heating and Cooling Contractor

Honest HVAC has been one of the leading heating and cooling contractors in the Big Spring area for the past 9 years. We are renowned for providing the best installation, repair, and maintenance services of heating and air conditioning systems. We offer products that guarantee your home or business is comfortable, while maintaining an eco-friendly environment and extremely affordable prices.

History of Honest HVAC


Dan Thomas and his wife began learning the HVAC trade in 2009 while working two other jobs. Dan got his contractor license and started working for other companies, but soon realized that he did not like the way those companies functioned. After careful consideration, he founded Honest HVAC in an effort to provide his community with a better option for HVAC services.

His goal, quite simply, was to remain honest when dealing with customers, and to cater to their needs in every possible manner. He wanted customers to feel that they could rely on Honest HVAC for his honest approach, the quality of service he could provide, and his affordable prices.

Today, Honest HVAC is thriving! Our clientele is growing at an exponential rate and the company remains true to their commitment of providing clients with the premium quality residential and commercial services.

Our Mission

At Honest HVAC, our mission is to be the best residential and commercial HVAC contractor in the Big Spring area. We achieve this mission each and every day with a team of technicians who pay close attention to the job at hand. Our highly trained, professional techs are experts in their field, and combine their experience, craftsmanship and integrity to provide you with the best services in Big Spring.

Our Core Values

At Honest HVAC, we strive to maintain three core values that help us provide excellent customer service.

Honesty: We are honest in all our dealings with customers. We never try to sell someone a product they don’t need. What sets us apart is our willingness to take responsibility for our work.

Integrity: We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built over the years by providing high quality services and by treating all our customers equally.

Excellence: We believe there is always room for improvement, which is why we always aim to exceed customer expectations.