Serving Big Spring area for 9 years
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Serving Big Spring area for 9 years

Residential Services

Your home’s air conditioner and heating system is a valuable investment that not only saves you from unbearable hot temperatures in the summers, but also protects you from various illnesses by maintaining the optimum indoor air quality. However, with continued use, the performance of your heating and cooling system may diminish, leading to formation of cold spots and poor indoor air quality.


At Honest HVAC, we provide heater and air conditioner repair and maintenance services so that your A/C unit and furnace works efficiently and offers you exceptional performance throughout the year.

Being one of the leading companies in Big Spring, Texas, Honest HVAC provides a comprehensive range of heat and air repair services, including repair, replacement, maintenance, and installation of air conditioners and furnaces.

Perhaps you want to conduct a pre-summer seasonal maintenance… or maybe you want to replace your old, inefficient furnace in order to maintain optimum indoor temperature during the winter season.

Regardless of your needs, our expert technicians will take care of all your heating and cooling service efficiently so that you can enjoy your time in the cozy and comfortable environment of your home.

Air Conditioner Repair and Replacement Services

To protect yourself and your loved ones from the unbearable heat and humidity that infiltrates Big Spring, Texas during the summer, it is crucial that your air conditioner is working to its maximum capacity throughout the season. However, an unexpected maintenance issue or a complete breakdown of the air conditioner not only can cause a lot nuisance, but also impact your comfort level.

At Honest HVAC, we provide comprehensive air conditioning services to resolve any cooling problems that you may experience efficiently and effectively. From repairing your air conditioning unit to upgrading your equipment to a higher efficiency system, we take care of all your air conditioner repair needs so that you can you can enjoy in your home’s cool and comfortable environment.

Furnace Repair and Replacement Services

At Honest HVAC, we understand how uncomfortable it can be when your furnace breaks down in the middle of a chilly night. Therefore, we offer efficient furnace repair and replacement services to help you avoid any such inconvenient situation. Our expert technicians not only diagnose the problem efficiently, but also offer replacement services in case there is a major issue which cannot be repaired.

At Honest HVAC, our goal is to offer you a premium-quality product at the best price, and we achieve this by replacing your inefficient furnace with a high-performance American standard unit sourced from some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Air Conditioning and Furnace Preventative Maintenance Service


Without regular upkeep and maintenance, your HVAC system may break down at an unusual time, causing you to face the inconvenience of looking for a technician urgently. At Honest HVAC, we provide air conditioning and furnace preventative maintenance services to ensure that your HVAC unit is working at its maximum functional capacity throughout the year.

Our annual preventative maintenance service includes a thorough evaluation of your air conditioner and furnace in order to diagnose even the minutest issues which may turn into major problems in the future. In addition to this, we can also help you upgrade your system to a more energy-efficient, high-performance unit that will not only offer better performance, but will also help you save more in the long-run by lowering your energy consumption.

24 Hour Emergency Service

Honest HVAC offers emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us any time, day or night, and we’ll have a technician at your door, ready to diagnose and fix your heating and cooling problems.

We have built a stellar reputation in the industry because of its commitment to offering its customers high-quality, affordable air and heat repair service. We understand that our customers may have budget constraints or unique needs; therefore, we never adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we offer customized solutions that best suits your needs.

To learn more about our services and solutions or to get a free replacement estimate, you may contact us 24 hours a day at (432) 270-0390.